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Threat Analytics Platform

Threat Analytics Platform Security Data Analytics

Information technology systems and applications produce a continuous stream on event and log details that can reveal suspicious behavior. Threat analytics offers the ability to proactively filter through huge amounts of data and identify real threats. 

The Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) applies threat intelligence, expert rules, and advanced security data analytics to noisy event data streams. By revealing suspicious behavior patterns, and generating alerts that matter, security teams can prioritize and optimize their response efforts.

Central Management

Central Management CM Series

Today's cyber attacks happen in stages and across multiple vectors such as email and web. 

Efforts to centralize management of multiple products will help:

​Security Orchestrator

Invotas Security Orchestrator:

Combine your people, processes, technology, and data into a single tool. Respond to threats and attacks with a push of a button. Invotas Security Orchestrator is the one solution that connects your hardware, software, tools, and policies into a single cohesive solution. 


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