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Enterprise Forensics

Enterprise Forensics PX and IA Series

To reduce the impact of a security incident, organizations should focus on early detection and swift investigation. Enterprise forensics makes this possible. When attacked, an enterprise needs to be able to rapidly investigate and determine the scope and impact of the incident so they can effectively contain the threat and re-secure their network.

The FireEye Network Forensics Platform (PX Series) and the Investigation Analysis system (IA Series) are a powerful combination, pairing the industry's fastest lossless network data capture and retrieval solution with centralized analysis and visualization. Enterprise forensics combines high-performance packet capture with analysis and visualization. Enterprise forensics combines high performance packet capture with analysis tools to aid investigation efforts. It complements several other FireEye threat prevention and detection capabilities. 

Malware Analysis

Malware Analysis AX series

Malware analysis is an important part of preventing and dectecting future cyber attacks. Using the malware analysis tools, cyber security experts can analyze the attack lifecycle and glean important forensic details to enhance their threat intelligence.

Malware Analysis (AX series) products provide a secure environment to test, replay, characterize, and document advanced malicious activities. Malware Analysis shows the cyber attack lifecycle, from the initial exploit and malware execution path to callback destinations and follow-on binary download attempts. Thrive.


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