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Openshift with Red Hat

Accelerate Application Delivery 

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Increase Productivity 

Lengthy provisioning times impacts development and delivery schedules. Shortening those times will accelerate application development and deployment, which increase developers and IT productivity. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform increases the velocity, efficiency, and scalability of IT service delivery.

Improve Business Agility

Enterprises need the ability to build an on-demand, elastic, scalable, and fully configured application development, testing, hosting environment for their developers. With self-service capabilities developers can focus on coding new applications and services rather than the deployment and configuration of underlying platforms. IT operations team can meet the growing demand for new application services coming from business development and operations processes.

Increase Efficiency

Maximizing developer effectiveness and efficiency is key to enabling growth and positioning the corporate IT Infrastructure as an asset within the organization. Staff can focus on new development and handling exception conditions, rather than being chronically bogged down with security and compliance issues, as well as routine tasks. With Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform it allows development and deployment teams to focus on their areas of expertise.



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