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Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security HX Series

Most endpoint systems use traditional security tools that rely on signature-based defenses. Skilled attackers can readily bypass these defenses by probing for vulnerabilities or taking advantage of existing exploits. This widening security gap, and the increasing number of endpoints increases the risk of breach. While organizations need to protect every endpoint, an attacker only needs to compromise a single one.

FireEye offers industry-leading threat and exploit detection capabilities with FireEye Endpoint Security (HX Series). With this solution, you can enhance endpoint visibility and enable a flexible and adaptive defense against exploits, known or unknown threats.

​Endpoint Forensics

Endpoint Forensics Mandiant Intelligence Response (MIR)

The ability to perform fast, targeted investigations across thousands of endpoints is critical when trying to prevent cyber attacks.

The Endpoint Forensics product (also known as Mandiant Intelligence Response or MIR) is an endpoint security tool that helps organizations monitor indicators (IOC) of compromise on endpoints and respond to cyber attacks. 


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