Our clients entrust us to meet the challenge of their specific business problems with enterprise grade open source solutions that are robust, secure, and feature rich at a fraction of the cost of traditional software. Emergent Open Source Consulting deeply understands the world of open source, and can help your business initiate or enhance the use of powerful open source solutions designed to strengthen your business and your bottom line.

Why Emergent Open Source Consulting?

Our open source consultants average over 10+ years experience designing and delivering open source solutions. Our experienced staff are all certified, highly motivated, open source experts who excel in delivering open source to the enterprise. Our enterprise focus ensures that our solutions are fully integrated across all facets of your business from executives, to security & IT staff. Let us show you why Fortune 500 business & governments alike are turning to open source solutions for their most mission critical systems.

Open Source Enterprise Solutions

Emergent Open Source Consulting recognizes the vastness of the open source ecosystem can be daunting. To alleviate this pressure, our practice uses our in depth understanding of the open source ecosystem to reduce the overall complexity, and to focus on solutions with demonstrated success in both public and private enterprises. Specific solutions include:

  • Linux Implementations & Migrations
  • Virtualization/Private Cloud
  • J2EE Middleware & Application Servers
  • Relational Databases
  • Business Intelligence
  • Knowledge Management
  • Content Management
  • Identity Management
  • Systems Management
  • Google Apps for Business, Government, or Education

Consistent Delivery

Emergent Open Source Consulting’s delivery process ensures on-time on-budget solution delivery while keeping you engaged and up to date on the status of your open source implementation.

Contacting Emergent Open Source Consulting

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